Helen Hutchens is a recent graduate from Lafayette College in Mechanical Engineering, International Studies, and German currently looking for an engineering position in the Denver area. She created this site as a portfolio for her German classes, and it has expanded to cover personal and engineering projects. Explore to learn more. 


This site is still in progress, and I am backfilling content. Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions of where I should direct my attention next. 


My first major is Mechanical Engineering. I am currently seeking employment in southwest Denver in engineering. I graduated in May 2015, and then spent my summer travelling and volunteering with Bike & Build, and began my job search in September. 


In addition to majoring in Mechanical Engineering, I am also a German major. I now speak German with at least C1 proficiency, which means that I can communicate effectively in almost all situations with ease. 


My third major is International Studies, which encourages me to explore the world. I have been abroad to three different continents while in college, and with each experience I have learned a little more about the world we live in. The Abroad section of my site discusses my travels. I am still in the process of backfilling information, such as my notes and essays that I wrote for my Religion, Society and Change in East Africa course in Kenya, which are all currently still hard copy journals, or my other abroad experiences that currently appear on Lafayette's Voices site

Bike & Build

This summer I biked across the country to raise awareness for affordable housing. Read my blog here: Bike & Build 


The Projects section of my site is where I keep the fun things that I am doing outside of school. I only have a few things up there now, but that will changeas time goes on. 

Everything Else

Want to learn even more about me? Try my Hodge Podge section.