I have been abroad five times: to Australia with People to People, to Europe with Girl Scouts, to China with Project BOMA on a homestay exchange, to Germany to study at the Technical University of Dresden, and to Kenya to take an interim course. Each of my experiences have taught me a little more about the world. Below are my experiences chronologically in reverse. 

The Swahili and their Coast


Who are the Swahili and are they a tribe?



    The Swahili are a group of people who share a cultural identity and live along the coasts of Kenya, Tanzania, and northern Mozambique. They are of african, Indonesian, Persian, Arab, and Indian descent, and they are the people who have been  the middlemen between the African interior and the traders in the Indian Ocean. They are a proud people with a strong cultural identity. 

Milepo and the Maasai

The capstone for my trip to Kenya was traveling to Milepo near Kajiado. There, we studied the Maasai with the help of several Maasai elders. We completed our stay with a three day homestay with local families. 

Stonetown, Lamu

Stonetown, Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that retains the classic Swahili architecture and lifestyle that has existed there for the past 500 years. The town is thriving, and there was a lot to do, from bartering in the market to speaking with religious leaders. My class finished up our Swahili course here and also discussed several articles on the Swahili and other culture groups that live on the coast. 

Shela, Lamu

The main pier in Shela, Lamu
The main pier in Shela, Lamu

After going to Amboseli, we flew from Nairobi to Lamu, a small island on the coast of Kenya where the Swahili culture is rich. There, we studied kiSwahili (the Swahili language) and spoke with the locals about many topics. I will write more later, but for now, here are a few photos. 


Amboseli Safari

300 elephants in front of Kilimanjaro
300 elephants in front of Kilimanjaro

On our first day in Kenya, my entire class was jetlagged. Anticipating this, Professor Blunt scheduled a safari for the first couple days. We drove south from Nairobi towards Amboselli National Park, where we spent the day watching the animals, learning about the ecosystem, and learning about the history of humans in the area. During my trip, I wrote a journal on paper, which I will hopefully transfer up to this site slowly. For now, here are a few pictures from my time in Amboseli. 




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