Every great endeavor requires resources, and biking across the country pedaling for affordable housing is no different. Here are my chronicles of fundraising the $4500 for my trip. If you would like to help, please donate and tell me if you want to buy a day. Every few dollars helps to bring affordable housing to hard working Americans! 

Poster Painting

I painted this for the center of the poster that Benji and I are sending out to donors. 

South Carolina Painting

Thank you to Mindy for adopting my ride through South Carolina. I'm still working on paintings for Georgia, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. 

Bike & Build Miles

Thank you!

Thank you very much to everyone who adopted days to support affordable housing. Bike & Build would not be possible without you. I just graduated, and I'll be painting cards and sending them along the way. Look forward to yours in the mail! If anyone still wants to adopt days, they are listed below, but I have reached my fundraising goal. 


Day 1: Pinopolis, SC

The first fundraising thank you card went out to my Aunt Jacki. She donated a dollar for every mile biked on the first day of our bike trip. 

Here are a few facts about Pinopolis, SC:

  • The town was founded in 1845 as a retreat for the wealthy because it had a relatively high elevation and low mosquito population.
  • After the civil war, the first elementary school for black students was founded there. 
  • The Santee River was dammed there in 1939. 
  • The lock in the dam can lift boats up to 150ft long up 75 feet. 

Thank you Aunt Jacki! 

Paid for my Bike!

It's the beginning of December, so I decided it was about time for me to throw in my two cents (or rather $600) for Bike and Build. Giant Bicycles sponsors Bike and Build by selling bicycles to Bike and Build at a discounted rate. I don't feel that it is fair for me ask donors to donate money for anything that I am keeping at the end of my trip, so I have donated the $600 from my own money to pay for my bike. 


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