Bike & Build requires participants to bike at least 500 miles prior to their trip. My goal is to bike 750 miles so I can reach the west coast knowing that I have biked 5000 miles in 2015. Here are some articles about my training routines. 

All of the riders on my ride are logging our miles using Strava. If you want, you can follow my progress there too. 


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Milford Ride

Ben and I just biked down to Milford, NJ and back for a total of 38.5 miles. We still have a ways to go in preparing for the trip, but every ride is making us stronger. 

Here is a picture from the stretch that we call Kansas because it is a very windy ridge with farmland. 

First 15 Miles

Just biked my first 15 miles on my new bike. It handles wonderfully and is really light, and I love it. 

Note: Don't ride with hiking sandals on clipless pedals (ones that clip to the shoe, not ones with cages). 

This picture was taken at the end of the ride along the Delaware in Easton. 

Getting out in the Snow

It's the time of year again to venture out into the cold and start preparing for longer rides on warmer days. Today, Ben and I biked our normal route down to the Lehigh river and back up through Easton for a total of 14 miles. Unfortunately, about a mile still had snow, so we had to walk most of this. I only made it about 10 feet into this before losing traction. 

Leipzig to Jena - A Biking Break

My first long distance bike trip was with a few friends from the Technical University of Dresden. Over spring break, my friends planned a trip from Leipzig to Jena, and then on to Ilmenau. 

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