Hodge Podge

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I feel that my site already had enough information in the front portfolio, so I have created a secondary menu to showcase some of my writing abilities, articles from random events, leadership skills, and LaFolio information. Hodge Podge will mostly show you some of the stuff I do either irregularly or stuff I find less remarkable for posting but want to have for LaFolio. 

LaFolio - Language e-Portfolio

LaFolio Badges are a system for rating student websites. Badges I have received will be listed here with links to how I earned them. 

Writing in English

While this site was built to showcase my German writing, I also have done much writing on more varied subjects in English. My works here go back to middle school. My writing has improved since then, but I do like to see the progression of my command of English just as I see my increasing command of German. 

Clubs and Leadership

Clubs and Leadership showcases my work with organizations outside of school including Engineers Without Borders, German Club, the Technology House, math competitions, Girl Scouts and music groups. 

Brown Bags and One-Off Events

Here are all the events that didn't fit anywhere else. This is the place for things I have done once, but that I still thought were interesting enough to write about.