IGVC Robot

Here is the robot that my team designed for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. When I first started with the project, I already had the maximum number of credits on my plate, so the team leader brought me on in the position of the "child of five." My job was to come to meetings of the entire team and make suggestions about what might be more complicated than it needed to be or suggest fixes that were simple. 

In the spring semester, I worked primarily on the sensors and electric hardware and took senior design as a class. I wrote python code to convert 9-axis IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnemometer) and GPS data from a serial port into info that could be used by the navigational software and base station communication that other team members were working on. I also worked on the encoder set-up to determine the distance the robot had travelled.  

At the end of the day, the motors and system analysis that the seniors had done on the robot did not work. The robot that had a predicted speed of 40mph could barely move at 1mph. The center of gravity calculations had also been way off, so the robot needed to carry another 25% of it's weight just to stay stable. However, the robot was able to report its location, speed, heading, and acceleration accurately. 

As I backfill the site, I will write more about the robot. 

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