Leipzig to Jena - A Biking Break

My first long distance bike trip was with a few friends from the Technical University of Dresden. Over spring break, my friends planned a trip from Leipzig to Jena, and then on to Ilmenau. 

We started off our trip by taking the train from Dresden to Leipzig. Since all of us were students and were travelling within Saxony, our student tickets covered the train. All we had to do was pay for our bikes to come with us. I had been to Leipzig once before for a tour of the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum

When we got to Leipzig, my friends noticed that I was riding with my seat too low. I didn't want to ride with it any higher because I liked being able to touch the ground from sitting on the seat. However, they told me that it would be easier to pedal and that I would get more power from my bike if I put the seat a litttle higher so that leg would be fully extended at the bottom of my stroke. We raised it, and I began to get used to jumping on and off my seat at stops and starts. They were completely right about the power, and I don't think I would have made it through the 38 miles that day without the seat higher. 

**** Writing in progress 3/26/15*****

Lunch in the forest

Windmills in the countryside

Winding river and cute bars

Taking a train the last 12 miles

Night in Jena

Back roads and roller-like muddy hills. 

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