Paid for my Bike!

It's the beginning of December, so I decided it was about time for me to throw in my two cents (or rather $600) for Bike and Build. Giant Bicycles sponsors Bike and Build by selling bicycles to Bike and Build at a discounted rate. I don't feel that it is fair for me ask donors to donate money for anything that I am keeping at the end of my trip, so I have donated the $600 from my own money to pay for my bike. 


The bikes that will be used for Bike and Build this year are the Defy 3 for men and the Avail 3 for women, which is shown above. The Avail 3 is an aluminum road bike which is intended for endurance rides, which is exactly what I'm going to need as I bike between 35 and 116 miles each day. Once I raise $1000, I will be able to order my bike and begin my 500 required training miles. I hope to train for 766 miles so that I can get to Santa Cruz and know that I have biked 5000 miles for affordable housing. 


If you'd like to donate to affordable housing, please help me raise money for various affordable housing groups here. 

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