Refrigeration System Performance


Refrigerators have revolutionized the way Americans shop for, store, cook, and eat their food. Despite their constant presence, few people take the time to think about refrigerators, much less study their inner workings. The goal of this study was to characterize the performance of one refrigerator: the Hampden Refrigeration System Trainer. It was determined that the most efficient refrigeration cycle had the highest flow rate and that the exact valve used did not drastically change cycle other than by how much it restricted the flow. However, cycles with higher flow rates also had higher temperatures in the evaporator, so the change in temperature generated by the refrigerator was lower. Engineers working with the Hampden refrigerator will now be better able to judge the flow rate needed for the most efficient system for their desired cool temperature.


Image: Mechanical Engineering Refrigeration Lab Manual. 

More of this report will be posted later after bugs with pictures on this site are fixed. 

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