Here are some of my projects from my design courses. Most projects were for only a few weeks except for the Manufacturing and Design project of building a competition vehicle. 

IGVC Robot

Here is the robot that my team designed for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. When I first started with the project, I already had the maximum number of credits on my plate, so the team leader brought me on in the position of the "child of five." My job was to come to meetings of the entire team and make suggestions about what might be more complicated than it needed to be or suggest fixes that were simple. 

Industrial Table

Analysis at 3Hz
Analysis at 3Hz

Here is the Industrial Table that was designed by myself and Jason Sheng for ME 353. 

Pressure Vessel on Truss

My first ME 353 Design project will go here. 

Fiver, the Car

In the fall of 2012, I took the Manufacturing and Design class. Our goal for our class project was to build small vehicles to race down a track and stop within 36 inches with the most points awarded to the fastest car with the most reliable stopping distance. 

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