Unten können Sie meine Sachen auf Deutsch finden. Ich werde versuchen, alles zweisprachig zu schreiben.

Here you can see many of my works in German. I will try to write everything bilingually, but it will take some time. 

Published Translations

Today, Judith Pfeifer told me that she was using some of my translations in a bio of her in the September-October 2015 Kritya Poetry Journal. 

Here's a link:


Why is my German degree important?

This is a sketch of an article I will write:

  • Dual-personality from being bilingual
  • Better at understanding different people
  • Accustomed to changing vocabulary level to communicate
  • Perspectives cross borders and milleaus 

Der Einfluss der ersten Heimat

... von Yoko Tawada und Dimitré Dinev auf ihren Stil

The Influence of the Geographical Home on the Styles of Yoko Tawada and Dimitré Dinev was my final paper for my German class on the literature of immigrants. Tawada is from Japan and Dinev is from Bulgaria. The essay describes how they both use figurative language and humor to try to teach German speaking peoples about German speaking culture, but how their choice of aspects of culture to emphasize is affected by the economic equality or disparity between their home country and chosen home. Researching and writing about how Tawada and Dinev's works are colored by their upbringings has reminded me to always think about how my background colors my perceptions. 

Stilen von Autoren sind von ihren Hintergründen beeinflusst. Meiner Meinung nach ist der größte Einfluss wo und wie der Autor aufgewachsen ist...

Was ist Ost-Europa?

What is Europe? 

This essay was written for my German 424 class after reading some works by Zdenka Becker and Dimitré Dinev. The text is only in German for now.

Es ist schwierig zu sagen, was eine Nation oder eine Region ist ohne es in den Vergleich mit einem Anderen zu stellen...

Hoffnung trotz Not

Hoffnung trotz Not, or Hope Despite Adversity, is a video about how South Africans manage to hold on to hope through hardships. It is based on the film Themba, which is in turn based on a book. I watched the film for my German class in the fall of 2014 while we were doing a unit on South Africa and Namibia. 

***Video will be posted in February once I have a better internet connection***

*Note to self: post photo, text and music sources and a transcript of the video*


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