Gedicte (und manchmal Interpretationen)

Poems (and sometimes interpretations)

Published Translations

Today, Judith Pfeifer told me that she was using some of my translations in a bio of her in the September-October 2015 Kritya Poetry Journal. 

Here's a link:


Problem Solving Program

my and-or-tree
consists of and-nodes and or-nodes
because there are more possibilities
(to complete a goal)
and-nodes split up a main goal into many partial goals
and all partial goals simultaneously fulfilled
fulfill the main goal



404 Poem

Two roads diverged, in a yellow wood,

You clicked the link as you knew you should

And somewhere deep beneath the ground
Some dwarves searched for what should be found

But being dwarves, your search got old,

And so they turned their minds to gold

With more searching, you might give them more urging,

But here's a page on metalurging:


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