My art projects are a few of my creative endeavors. I'm not an art student, but I do enjoy quilting, painting, and small scultures. 

Winter Bed Buddies

Bed Buddies for Tyler and Amanda
Bed Buddies for Tyler and Amanda

For the holiday season, I made these Bed Buddies for some of my family. They were a fairly easy project, and are much appreciated in the Colorado winter because they are filled with rice and can be heated in a microwave. Here's a step by step look at how to make your own patchwork Bed Buddies. 

26 Cards for 26 Weeks

When I was leaving for Germany, I left Ben with a stack of cards for the half year that I would be gone. Here are a few examples. 

Multilingual Thank You

At the end of 2012, Lafayette's Financial Aid department sent me a note and told me that I needed to write a thank you card for the donors supporting my scholarship. However, when I asked them for the name and address of the donor I was to thank, they told me that there was no donor. Luckily, I had recently won tickets and $1000 to go to President Obama's second inauguration.

Delft, Netherlands

When I went to visit my friend Oleksiy in the Netherlands, I painted this picture of Delft for him. 

Little Liger Prince

I have loved the Little Prince since I read it outside of school in German in high school. When I was making door decorations for Ben, it was only fitting that I drew the Little Prince's asteroid with a few added touches. There is a barn for being at my Grama's house, and a liger who could hurt the flower. The volcano is for cooking, and the tree is for Ben to climb. And of course the sheep are in the boxes with the air holes. 


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